The Three String Quartets by Robert Janssens

The three String Quartets by Robert Janssens were recorded live.

It was during concerts organised by sprl Da Capo 2000 that they were created by the Landini Quartet and this on October 11th 2010 in the Gothic Room of the Brussels Town hall and on November 8th 2010 and October 11th 2011 at the Royal Protestant Church of Brussels.

The works were welcomed with great enthusiasm and performed accordingly by the musicians of the Landini Quartet. All of them great musicians, they contributed to the contemporary spirit even though the works are composed according to classical composing techniques. The expressive power of these compositions, modern but still melodic, was greatly appreciated by the public.  Robert Janssens presents each of his

3 quartets in the classical form of 4 movements. He is primarily concerned with the melodic element and all other developments, rhythmic aspects included, result from there onwards.

These “live” versions are greatly appreciated by the composer and contribute to the interaction with the audience, which might otherwise never be obtained in a recording studio even though there are more technical possibilities to obtain a perfect recording. The fact that some random noises are audible during these recordings in the concert halls isn’t in the least disturbing.

The printed music is published by CeBeDeM.